FREE WEBCAM Girls gadget for your Windows Vista sidebar
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You will be the first to know when your favorite webcam girls are online

Would you like a free gadget for the Windows Vista sidebar from ? Your Windows Vista Sidebar will now be able to inform you if any particular webcam girl is online or offline ? If so, then continue reading on.

The gadget will be shown like above picture in your gadget-library.
When activated the gadget operates like hereunder.
If your system is running on Windows Vista 32-bit then provide us with your name and mail address and you will immediately receive our LIVE WebcamgirlsMonitor, designed for your Windows Vista sidebar.
When you receive the mail from us, the gadget is attached and all you need to do, is to open the file and install it.

Before installing the Vista Gadget, then check that your Vista Sidebar is active or otherwise you subsequently need to search for this gadget in your Vista Gadget Library.
IMPORTANT - When you have entered both your name and mail-address, then click only once on the SEND-button and await a confirmation, which will show here shortly after requesting our WEBCAMGIRLS Monitor.
  We regret to inform you, that as you are not using a Windows Vista-based system, you cannot obtain the WEBCAMGIRLS Monitor made by

This gadget was specially developed to and the latest current version is 2.1.

After activation, It is recommended you modify the update-frequency of the gadget.

The default-value is set to 0 ( ZERO ) seconds meaning no update will take place.

Accordingly and provided you want the gadget to update itself on a regular basis, kindly adjust the value to any number of seconds, however a minimum of 300 is mandatory. You can configure the gadget by clicking this symbol Windows Vista Sidebar Tool - Use this to change the update-frequency of the WEBCAMGIRLS gadget on the right-hand-side of the gadget.

In case you close the Windows Vista sidebar entirely, you can reinstate the sidebar later on by selecting your Start-menu in Windows Vista and then type in Sidebar in the built-in search-function and then just run the Windows Vista Sidebar. Thereinafter your gadget will reactivate and you can always re-activate the gadget, through your Windows Vista Gadget Library.

In case you may have problems with this gadget, you are welcome to write us a mail at webmaster @ and we will revert to you.

Enjoy our WEBCAMGIRLS gadget and welcome at